Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Here is wishing all the visitors to my Blog:

Below is a photo of Mt. Jichu Drake (6,900 Mtrs.). In front is one of the twin lakes called “Tsophu” which, as you see, has been frozen over. These lakes are located about one hour’s trek from Jumolhari base camp en-route to Bonte-La Pass (4,980 Mtrs.) which you need to cross to reach the beautiful village of Soe-Yaktsa.

I took the photo on the 24th December, 2010. Most people who knew I was headed for this trek to Lingzhi and Soe-Yaktsa agreed that I was totally mad to undertake this trek at this time of the year. But I suspected that if I were to get great, clear photos of the high mountain peaks, winter was the time to get them. And I was right! The weather was stunning and the peaks stood out against the clear blue skies like I have never seen before. This is my third trip to the base camp.
Sadly, I couldn’t make it to Lingzhi and Soe-Yaktsa. The passes were covered with ice and the ponies couldn’t tread over them. Even for humans, it was perilous to attempt to walk over the iced path - one could slip and drop off into the wilderness. But I am going back again - in February. By then I hope to be prepared to tackle the ice - with axes and cleats and crampons!
One word of caution: if you are going to Jumolhari during winter, make sure you take sun shades - the atmosphere is so pristine that the lighting is sparkling and so crystal clear that your eyes hurt. Also, make sure that you take lots of warm clothing - it is so cold that at one point icicles had formed on my hair which had become wet from sweating - while trudging up the ridges to get closer to the peaks.


  1. Hi Aue Yeshey, In fact a little birdie told me just this Friday of your photographic quest to those upper reaches, and also about it being cut prematurely shot! Nonetheless, I am certain you'd have managed a decent collection!

    Welcome back; and here's wishing you too a very happy and a "photographically" fulfilling 2011! :)

  2. Hi Lakey,

    IT WAS FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!! I got stunning photos of Mt. Jumolhari and Jichu Drake from up close. This is the first time I viewed Jumolhari from the Jumolhari lhakhang side - man it takes you half way up the peak (if I had crampons, I would hve climbed 3/4 of the peak :).

    Over time I will be posting some more photos of these two peaks. I never saw them this close and this clear before.

    By the way, who told you about my aborted attempt to cross over to Lingzhi and Soe-Yaktsa? I am intrigued :)-

    Arcibaldo, Thanks! I will be away as of the 4-5th of this month for another 10 days trek.

    Take care and keep well everybody.

  3. Hi Yeshey Sir,
    First of all,Happy new year to u

    you may not know me, but i am a great fan of yours. i also read your blog regularly.

    For me, seeing something new on your blog is like finding something special in the fridge.

    your Picture of Jomolhari with a lake is worth more than a thousand dollars. keep it up sir.

  4. Hi Kuenzang,

    Thanks --- I will try and post some more but as I said above, I am leaving for another trek on the 5th ... so I am not sure that I can post any more - but will try.

  5. Ha ha, Aue Yeshey, I guess you dropped by at the NBC (Serbithang) briefly!

    My best wishes on your next trip!

  6. Wow Yeshey; breathtaking! The lake appears to be frozen in motion. A very Happy New Year to you too and wish you a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious year filled with wonderful opportunities for photographs. Sonam

  7. hello sir,
    i saw your picture and it was very good and i wished i was there to capture also.
    sir i would like to ask you a favor, if there is any kind of training or orientation or any thing on photographic where i could participate and learn. i would be very happy and obliged to you.
    Anticipating your reply.

  8. Hi Sherub,

    Thanks for the visit and the comment. As of now, there is nothing planned and I suspect that I do not have the time to plan one in the immediate future. If there is one, I will let you know through this blog - so please keep visiting.


  9. thank you and i sure will always and have been a regular follower of your blog.