Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ludlow's Bhutan Swallowtail II


  1. Awesome, Aue Yeshey! And best wishes with/for your onward trips!

  2. Thanks Lakey

    Well my hunt for the Bhutan Glory had to be terminated since it rained contineously for three days and there was no indication that it would stop. Even worst, the area is so foggy!!

    So will have to try another time :)

  3. You have got really good pictures and I appreciate your work... Its of international standard and I am proud for you.
    I also have a request for you. I own a Canon IXUS and loves photography. But my photos are not very good and I would like to request for some tips and comments
    I blog at Please try to find some time and visit my blog... I have some funny butterfly pictures too.

  4. Hi Sonam

    I went to your Blog ... but didn't know where to start. Lets just say that where the quality of the image in terms of color and sharpness is concerned, please remember that I use equipment costing twenty times more than your IXUS ... thus it is understandable that the quality will not be the same :)

    I also suspect that your camera is not performing well - I think there may be a problem ... the colors are soooooooooooo off in practically all the images. I did notice that some of the images are shot against the light but even those images that weren't back lit, there is still some amount of greyness ... why dont you try shooting with a borrowed camera and see if you get the same results?

    Take care and keep shooting