Sunday, January 1, 2012

Yellow-rumped Honeyguide (indicator xanthonotus)

One of the highlights of my trip to Trongsa and Zhemgang (from where I returned a short while ago) this time was that I managed to get a folder full of one of Bhutan's most beautiful birds - the globally threatened Yellow-rumped Honeyguide perched on a honeycomb (these birds feed on the beewax once the bees abandon the hive). But it came at a price - I was stung by the bees twice on my head because I was going closer and closer to the bee-hives. But what an image I got for my pains :)-


Did you know?
Honeyguides are so named because one or two of these bird species have the exceptional ability to lure humans, bears and Honey badgers to colonies of bees. They do so because once the honey is taken, the crafty birds are then able to feed on the remaining beeswax and larvae.

In total there are seventeen species of these birds grouped under four different genera. Two are found in Asia and the rest are in Africa. Bhutan has one of them: Yellow-rumped Honeyguide which is NOT the species that leads humans and other bee hunters to beehives.

It is called "Yellow-rumped" because it has a bunch of yellow feathers on its rump - the abu :)-


  1. Amazing! Keep sharing such wonderful pics la.

  2. Such a ccccuuutte birdie! That's a real honeycomb and not an artificial background? Thanks and keep sharing your wonderful pictures, and along with the visual sight and info, we will learn a word or two too...rump indeed...hrrrrmph, Anon.

  3. that's great pic la....thanks for sharing..

  4. THIS REMINDS ME OF THE MOVIE: " THE BIG YEAR". I am sure you must have watched. If you have not please do. And while i watched the movie, i kept remembering you. ( although i don't know you ;) )

  5. Hi coffee,

    Thanks... I will google for the movie and see if I can get to buy it so I can see it :)