Thursday, February 2, 2012

Attempt At World Record

I am happy to confirm that I have today submitted my entry to the Guinness World Records for the consideration of the colony of bee hives at Zhemgang as the largest colony of bee hives in existence. The following is the summary of my claim:

Summary Claim Details

Claim Title            :    Largest colony of bee hives at one location
Country                 :    Bhutan
City/Town/Village :    Thimphu
Date of attempt     :    02 February 2012
Record Details    :    I, Mr. Yeshey Dorji from Bhutan is attempting to establish a world record that a colony of honey bee hives located at a place called Zhemgang, Bhutan is the largest colony of bee hive in existence. In support of the claim, I will submit a photographic evidence of the occurrence. I hope to establish the record through physical verification and enumeration. I am doing this in the hope that this natural phenomenon can be declared a Natural Heritage Site and thus, accord preservation and protection to the habitat surrounding the site. It is a small attempt at conservation of the natural environment.

Media          :    I have no sponsor. I will invite local media - print and visual.

As on now, I have been accorded a unique Claim ID as follows:

ARRA WebClaim ID :    387779

Now I will have to await confirmation from the GWR that they will or, will not, consider my entry. I am told it will take anywhere between 4-6 weeks.

I will keep you posted.


  1. Good luck...may you succeed in your venture!!

  2. All the best.......and my sincere good wishes are with you ...

  3. Wow, that's amazing. That makes you not only the first professional Photographer but also someone who took Bhutan to Guinness.
    Guinness is looking for extraordinary stuffs in every corner of the world and here you are presenting to them what they are looking for and I am pretty sure they will accept it (if they don't already have something larger than that).
    While people set record for personal popularity, yours is a very noble intention - conservation! and by that you will also put Bhutan on the Guinness Map.
    I will be personally following your progress in doing this with wishes and prayer.
    I also wish to see the colony for myself someday soon!

  4. It is a proud moment for Bhutan ... courtesy of Aue Yeshey ..

    Cheers ,


  5. All the very best to you in your pioneering venture. Anon.