Monday, May 7, 2012

Full Moon Over Thimphu

-->According to reports, the moon is supposed to be closest to earth yesterday the 6th May, 2012 which was a full-moon day. I assumed that it would look bigger and brighter. It wasn’t really so - I shot the image below at 9.21 PM. Frankly I didn’t see much difference in its size or its brilliance. But I do see that it has seen lot more battering since I last photographed it.


  1. Great shot!

    I also saw some wonderful super moon pics from around the world here.

  2. Wow Yeshey, this is amazing! albeit can't expect any less from you. I've seen an earlier moon picture of yourse but this appears so much closer. The Maria are so clear...I can see Maria Serenitatis the Sea of Serenity and right next to it the Maria Tranquillitatis the Sea of Tranquility, but of course I could be way off course...the moon looks crystalized. Anon.

  3. Great one, Aue! Tried a few myself with my EF 70-200 mm f/2.8 L - no way closer to the optimum lens for a moon shot! But a decent result on cropping!