Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Here Is Something Different

-->Just to prove that I am not only about birds, here are some photos that you might enjoy.

I am posting these images because I believe that I am among the very few lucky ones in Bhutan who has the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. The outdoors is filled with such breathtaking beauty and color and the variety of life form one sees is simply mind boggling. They come in all shapes and sizes – but something I know that is common among all that plethora is that each minuscule one of them play a part in the perpetuation of life on this planet - those of ours as well as their own.

Seeing these creatures magnified through the lenses of my camera makes me understand why saving the environment is critical.

The following are three of the butterflies I photographed this trip. I not only love their own colors but the colors that surround them. Sometimes it is not the subject itself but the ambiance that make the picture.

As I was scanning the tops of flowering cluster of plants, I became aware of something crawling on the flowers. I noticed that it was a bee or bug ... but I was taken up by its colors. They were so powerful and vivid. So I let the butterflies go for a while and concentrated on the bug. I wish I could photograph it with a macro lens ... but that was not a possibility since it is way beyond my reach. So I used a telephoto instead. Still, I dare say that the details are admirable :)

As I continued to wait for butterflies to come in for their morning feed, I noticed this strangely shaped grasshopper. A gangly fellow. Notice his extraordinarily long limbs and even longer antennae.

Then comes along a strange looking lizard. But I love that strong color on his nut. Nature paints its creatures with such beautiful colors. Humans are no match.


  1. The grasshopper is supposed to be an easygoing chap so it must be just throwing out its antennae to grab a bite while lazyfying around in the sunshine on a blade of grass or a flower. Geeezz, the lizard sure has toned up arms and legs. I suppose along with these beautiful, amazing creatures we are all part of a complex ecosystem where if one level is irreparably damaged, it would affect all other levels.

  2. sir, these pictures are lively and colourful. it increases my admiration for nature and my long time desire to do photography as a hobby.
    keep us posted and fascinated with your wonderful pictures. Good day.

  3. What joy to see such beauty (of nature) one of the first things this morning! Thank you.

  4. YD

    So you are down south hunting or poaching :P when are you returning?


  5. The painted lizard that you are talking about is a common garden lizard. It turns red round its head and neck when it is threatened by some enemies which include us the humans. This is a simple self defense mechanism for a lizard.