Thursday, January 17, 2013

Robotic Spams – HELP!

A reader - Peldhen Sonam Nima (PSN) - made a comment on my post titled “Economic Crisis or Spending Fatigue?” and made a request to disable the Word Verification process - on the grounds that it made commenting cumbersome. I promptly complied and disabled the need for the Word Verification process at the end of a comment, before the comment can be submitted. 


Since then, my Blog posts have been lambasted with dozens of SPAMs. Fortunately, I moderate the comments - in the sense that I require every comment to be authorized by me - good, bad and the ugly. Therefore, the readers do not get to see all the trash being posted on my Blog because I do not allow their publication.

I suspected that it must be ROBOTIC SPAMMING. The spamming started with the deactivation of the Word Verification process - meaning that something or someone cannot spam if he/she/it is required to type a set of words. In an effort to understand what this was all about, I Googled and stumbled upon the following:

“Robotic spam are spam comments created by automated scripts/bots. They contribute to over 99% of comment spam in blogs. Comment spam has gained prominence due to the ease with which spamming operations can be scripted for large-scale campaigns. Most robotic spams either try to spam by submitting comment form or by using trackbacks. Comment Guard Pro stops all kind of robotic spams from reaching your blog”. 

I have a mind to reactive the Word Verification requirement - once again. But I wonder if I should - because that would inconvenience my readers and commentators. Well I think for now, I will keep it disabled since if any one were to suffer inconvenience - it might as well be me - so my readers can have an enjoyable experience. I will keep on removing the SPAMs as they appear. If it gets too difficult, I will have to think of installing the software mentioned above - Comment Guard Pro. But I do not have a Credit Card to make the purchase!!!! GRRRRR.

I GIVE UP!!!!. The spamming has gotten too heavy .... so I am reinstating the Word Verification.


  1. ohhhh Aue Yeshi,,very sorry to hear that..I honestly didn't know that.....

    OK.i think then you should use the word verification process...I am very sorry.....


  2. Hi PSN,

    Please do not worry ... I can handle a few dozen SPAMS a day. You ENJOY!

  3. Using word verification is not inconvenient and it protects yours works as well as time.

  4. Please reinstate word id and invest your energy into shooting more beautiful pictures and writing more interesting (if not always short, *smile*) texts...

  5. What is difficult about typing in the word verification? It's 1 second and couldn't be easier. It serves a good purpose. Re-institute that process!

  6. Thanks for the update. I had the same problem. Now I am going back to word verification thing.

  7. I met Gaki too. She looks happy to me :)