Wednesday, July 3, 2013

No Further Posts Untill After Elections

As of day-before-yesterday, I have stopped posting any articles on my Blog. There have been a number of comments on a few of my posts but I am sorry that I am not going to post them either. There is no point.

As I have said in a number of my posts in the past, I express my views through my writings because I believe that they are useful and beneficial for the country and the people of Bhutan. However, in recent times, information available through the print media, through the social media and through the on-going election Common Forums - as well as through information that I know but are, as yet, not common knowledge - it seems that whatever I do or anyone else does, it is unlikely to make a difference. Thus, I am not going to express any further views on this Blog. I will begin to post articles once the elections are over. Until then, please bear with me.

I hope that my readers will understand that even remaining silent can be an act of obeisance to the ultimate goal - that of serving the Tsa Wa Sum.

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