Monday, February 3, 2014

Experience & Capability = Complete Package

From what KUENSEL reported recently, it would appear that if the National Council were to have its way, we will finally see some much needed change in our electoral laws - particularly those that pertain to the experience required to be able to contest in the elections to the Upper as well as the Lower Houses of the Parliament.

As of now, as per Article 23 of our Constitution, any person aged 25 and with a college degree can qualify to contest in the elections. There is no talk of a requirement of adequate experience.

If the proposed amendment is approved by the NA, then we can be sure that our elected Members of the Parliament in future will be better experienced than those of the sweepers working at the Shearee Square Super Store or the Tractor drivers of M/s Kelwang Pvt. Ltd. I had discussed this matter in my earlier post dated May 8, 2013.

Here is a Thumps-Up to the Members of the National Council.

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