Wednesday, May 28, 2014


What exactly is Shri Narendra Modi Bhai? A genuine do-gooder or a master theatrician? Whatever he may be, inviting all the SAARC Heads of States to his swearing-in ceremony is unprecedented in the annals of Indian diplomatic as well as political history. Certainly it sends out a good message - it is a praiseworthy gesture that has been received well.

It remains to be seen if he is the much touted change India needs - and India certainly needs a bullock-cart full of changes. A strong and progressive India is good for the region. India seeks and deserves, to be the regional leader. Unfortunately their big brother attitude and posturing has left them all alone and spited. Bhutan today is the only country among a cluster of hostile neighbors, whom they can call a friend. And here too, their bullying tactics is driving us away from them.

What happens in India has a direct bearing on Bhutan. Every government change in India is a cause for anxiety for the Bhutanese people. BJP forming the government with such a huge mandate is both a cause for elation as well as worry for Bhutan particularly. But Modi Bhai has certainly sent out a very, very encouraging message to all its neighbors. He seems to be a man with a completely different style of governing. What is now to be seen is whether he brings with him a change in the traditional Indian mindset.

I wish him the very best and hope that under his leadership, India will start to rebuild and regain the trust deficit among its neighbors. Inviting all the SAARC leaders to his swearing-in ceremony is a move in the right direction.

I offer him this beautiful flower from my garden, photographed this morning specifically for him, as a gesture of goodwill from the people of Bhutan.

मॅँ आपको बधाई देता हूं, श्री नरेन्द्र मोदी  

What does Yellow flower symbolize?
There is good reason why we smile when we spot a bouquet of bright daffodils or a pot filled with sun-drenched chrysanthemums - the color yellow evokes feelings of joy and lightheartedness. Also a symbol of friendship, a bouquet bursting with yellow blooms sends a message of new beginnings and happiness.


  1. A very good thought of you,Sir..! Specially that flower.. Is really touchy.!
    I have been reading your blog.. And they are all amazingly wriiten..

  2. I appreciate your good thinking Sir. We Indians are hopefully waiting for the changes in different fields mainly economy. Mr. Modi's good gesture of inviting the leaders of our neighbouring countries shows his intentions. Your yellow flower and it's significance is really good. Thank you very much Sir.

  3. I have to say that your post is auspicious. Modiji has decided to make Bhutan the destination of his first Prime Ministerial trip abroad. This is a big symbolic gesture & hopefully restoring is the trust is his main agenda. I'm so glad the congratulatory flower is actually orange/ saffron and not yellow.