Wednesday, July 16, 2014

NC: Robin Hood of Parliament?

I still refuse to be drawn into the salary increase debate. However, I do want to participate in the side show.

The salary increase, whether you like it or not, is a done deal. No amount of discussions or protestations is going to change anything. As my late boss use to say, the deal is firmly in the pocket. Chapter closed.

The NC has declared that they will defer accepting the increase in their salary until such time the country’s financial health improves. They did not protest that it was illegal or that the increase was unfair. Thus the NC is taking a moral high ground and not protesting on grounds of illegality or unfairness or breach of Constitution. While I admire their show of empathy to the country’s strained financial resources, they should bear in mind that they are the House of review, and not Champions of morality. The Constitution does not confer on them the role of Robin Hood. They should be aware of the implications of their behavior.

The NC’s excuse is that the government has not put in place the fiscal measures to finance the salary increase. Is that any of their business? Leave the governance to the government. The NC cannot preempt the government - if the government fails to do what they are supposed to do, they become responsible. The NC cannot say that the government cannot deploy the bulls because the carts are not in place.

I agree with both the Government and the Opposition - that the salary increase has been passed by the Parliament - it is now law and every body has to respect it. Particularly the NC has to be careful when they say that they will not accept something that has been passed by the Parliament.

There appears to be a tendency among some people to confuse the government for the Parliament. It is important to keep the distinction clear in our minds. The government cannot be blamed for what the Parliament passed. If anything, we have to now wait and see how competent the government is - that will be proven by how ably they will generate resources to finance the pay hike that has been passed by the Parliament.

If some people are unhappy that the salary increase was disproportionate and unfair and inadequate, ask for another increase in a few years time - put it through the Parliament once again. But for now, any further discussion on the issue is futile. Let us move on.

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  1. The write up is really a Patriotic one...every Bhutanese need to think upon this...nice write up