Monday, August 3, 2015

Neither Greed Nor Corruption

In the ongoing debacle of the Punasangchhu Projects I & II, some are baying for the blood of Khazanchi. I wonder how that is going to solve our problems? In any event, how can a single person be responsible for the loss of tens of billions - perpetuated over many years? It is impossible that one single person can mastermind and be responsible for such a catastrophe. Neither can it be borne of greed and corruption. I am unprepared to believe that a disaster this monumental is the result of one single person’s greed - R N Khazanchi’s. The reason has to be something else.

And what of the Board Members of the PHPA? What were they doing? How is it possible that persons sitting on the Board allowed such disaster to happen? How did they allow mistakes of this scale to be made? How did they approve the shifting of the dam site, even while GSI clearly pointed out the possibility of geological surprise at the new site? If they knew of the problems and yet did not stop it, then they too must be held accountable, for complicity.

It is an honor to be on the Board of such an important project. However, one has to believe that one has been put there because one has a level of competence to do a job well. It is completely a different matter if one were put there because it is expected that one will NOT do his/her job.

Particularly for the Bhutanese Board Members, you should now realize that you are party to an enterprise that is destined to destroy this country.

I put in my letter of resignation - to be relieved as a Board Member of the RSPN before time, because I realized that I had nothing to contribute there - neither the time. Thus, the honorable thing to do was to resign so that someone else more competent and able can fill the slot so that the organization can grow for the better.

Remember, Bhutan is a small place and nothing, I repeat nothing, is a secret in this country. Eventually, the truth will all tumble out. You can then bury your heads in the sand, in shame. Unfortunately by then you would have imperiled the future of this country and the many generations of Bhutanese who will follow. The only solace in all this is that you will still get off scot-free - to talk of service to the Sa Was Sum, with valor and conviction.

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  1. I believe Yeshey has made the most convincing statement. One man can never be responsible unless the team is working hand -in-glove with singular objective - line the pocket as long as you can.

    He speaks from his own conscience that someday "Eventually, the truth will all tumble out." and this sincere statement manages to raise his stature above all those who croon and swear unflinching nationalism, yet gnaw the nation hollow from within.

    Unlike those who love to hide behind the vague concept of 'tsa-wa-sum" and 'king is ever kind' at the drop of a hat, Yeshey has risen beyond petty toadying and shown himself to be a true son-of-the-soil whose vision is fixed towards future betterment of the nation.
    Most Admirable. There should be more of you to take your steps.