Thursday, December 3, 2015

In the House of Gods, There is Madness But Not Complete Failure

I am happy to see sense finally prevail among the National Council Members. The NC is now no longer talking of lifting the Minimum Daily Tariff – they are talking of a revision in the tariff.

Thank God for that!

“The NC’s Economic Affairs Committee Chairperson, Pema Tenzin also said they are changing their stance from their earlier recommendation. The Committee had earlier recommended maintaining the royalty, which is US$ 65 per night, and freeing up the rest of the tariff so that the market can decide depending on the values and experiences."

Read the full report here:

and the Kuensel's report here:

Now I hope that the Cabinet will see that revision of the tariff at this point in time would be ill-advised. They would understand that their road-widening initiative is already causing a substantial dip in tourist arrivals. It will only get worst in the coming years - until the road conditions improve. 

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  1. Dear Aue Yeshey,

    That was a brilliant series of post on the Tourism in Bhutan (the tariff in particular)....i hope the Hon'ble NC who led the team now have some real sense of what really the Tariff addresses; & what constitutes to a Sustainable approach. The only conclusion i could draw from his recommendation besides his arrogant attitude was/is "penny wise, pound foolish".
    Our Hon'ble members should realize, they cannot experiment & stir everything in this 5 year term period (which is almost half way through), there are many many best practices & devastating losses we could learn from in the neighborhood.

    Thank you la, as an young tourism student, you inspire me & am glad there are senior people who cares :) besides the experimenters