Sunday, February 7, 2016

Birth of the Crown Prince

The birth of Bhutan’s long awaited Crown Prince has at last been announced this Friday the 5th of February, 2016. Her Majesty the Queen as well as His Royal Highness the Crown Prince are reported in perfect health.

The news of the Royal birth was reported worldwide

Monday the 8th February, 2016 has been announced a public holiday. To celebrate the happy occasion the Prime Minister announced plans for the full restoration of the Drugyel Dzong in Paro.

Their Majesties the King and the Queen will grant soelra to every child born on Friday the 5th of February, 2016.

The sense of apprehension that the people of Bhutan felt over the delayed birth of the Crown Prince is finally put to rest.

I wish His Royal Highness the Crown Prince good and healthy growth.


  1. Interesting to see a clip from a Kannada Newspaper there.. I see some factual errors in the report, but in any case, how did you find/pick this clip?

    1. Hi Arun,
      A friend sent it to me.

    2. Nice.. The story there is, unfortunately, a poorly made translation from someone who is not a reporter and may not have a reporter's knowledge. It says the country is ruled by the kings of a 'Shangrila' dynasty!

      What is a soelra?

      I truly love the Drugyel Dzong as it is today as a witness to history, though I am sure people of Bhutan may have different views. Hope the construction of Wangdi Dzong is going very well. Haven't been that way in a while.

  2. Hi Arun,
    Soelra means gift - from a person of higher standing.

    The Wangduephodrang Dzong reconstruction project is going well, Thank you.