Thursday, June 1, 2017

In The Service Of The Tsa Wa Sum, Customer Service Is Expendable 2

This morning I went to the Druk Air’s Changlam Plaza office, to change the date of travel, for a ticket that I had bought from them. I waited with a sense of apprehension, to be handed the dreaded Reservation Slip, smeared in black streaks of lines.

Surprise!.... the slip I got this morning was a crisply printed, sparkling piece of print-out that resembled a freshly printed currency note. Look at the following original print-out I got:

The original print-out of Druk Air's Reservation Slip - as it is churned out this morning

I am hugely impressed. The Druk Air's management has shown that they are sensitive to customer concerns. Within days of my pointing out, the management has acted swiftly to correct a shortcoming that should not be a shortcoming in the first place. As the major player in a service industry of vital importance, Druk Air needs to be responsive to what their customers are saying, about the level and quality of their service. As the national flag carrier, it is even more important that they put their best foot forward.

In a world filled with egoists, I am glad that the Druk Air's management has taken my criticism of their shoddiness, positively. This is a mark of an organization that is on the ball all the time. Here is praise where it is due.

As a Bhutanese, I have the first right to complain and be critical about my country, government and institutions that represent the nation and the people. I do so because I care. It is borne not of malice, but of love and concern.

Mistakes are an essential part of our growth and learning – they are not a problem. The problem is when one does not learn from them – it is then that a price is exacted.

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