Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Environmental Heroes & Assisins

Here is a THUMBS UP to the people of New York: I root for you in your endeavor to act meaningfully and realistically, to help save the earth’s environment. This goes to prove that no matter how debauched the present American administration may be, the American people still have your souls intact.

And, here is a THUMBS DOWN to all those Bhutanese people who support the construction of the illegal and meaningless Shingkhar-Gorgan road. The debauchery among those who matter is such that I am told one Commission Member of the NEC refuses to attend the Commission meeting unless the environmental clearance of the construction of the road is on the agenda.

Talking of NEC, here is another THUMBS UP to the Commission’s Secretary Chencho Norbu, who unwaveringly stands his ground despite threats of dire consequences from some who think they are powerful enough to subjugate a spirit that has remained undaunted all his serving life.

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