Monday, June 17, 2019

Tenzing Lamsang’s Drive for MP Vehicle Fund

In the last issue of the TheBhutanese newspaper, its Editor Tenzing Lamsang proposed the idea that the Bhutanese farmers and the private sector employees consider contributing to the MP’s Vehicle Fund. Frankly the joke is in poor taste. It is not really funny any more.

But I see the point Tenzing Lamsang makes. Our MPs are not so stupid to accept monetization of their quotas - they know that they can sell their quotas in the open market for as high as Nu.2.00 - 2.50 million, close to half a million or a million more than that offered by monetization. So they will fight tooth and nail to hang on to their quota allocation. I am the prize idiot to have believed that there can be some good and honest politicians too.

However, I am not done being the un-put-downable-naïve: I still believe that there may yet be some small chance that the vehicle quota may be fully monetized - without segregation of the special class of people - because the National Assembly session is not yet over. Something may still come up and offer our elected leaders their moment for redemption.

Until the National Assembly session is over - I am going to shift focus and do a series of articles on the history of MONEY in the country - the one thing that seems to define our elected leaders' morality and holds sway over their minds and hearts.

You can already see that I have started the journey - from the change in the Masthead of my Blog. Watch this space for some very interesting posts on the country's journey towards monetization.

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