Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bar-headed Goose

The Bar-headed Goose is among the world’s highest flying birds – flying as high as 33,300 ft. which is way higher than the Mount Everest! They migrate to Bhutan during the winter months. The ancient Chinese martial art form called “Dayan QiGong” is said to have been inspired by the Bar-headed Goose.

They migrate to Bhutan during the winter months and can be seen, among other places, in Punakha and Wangduephodran. The photo below was taken at Bajothang, Wangduephodrang.


  1. Wow!
    Nice picture as usual with great piece of information.

  2. Hi Sangay,
    Thanks. I know of the connection between QiGong and the Bar-headed Goose because the UK QiGong Society used my picture of the Goose (not this image) in their magazine.

  3. I live in Bajothang hearing the sound of Bar-headed Goose, of course I know them as Duck until now. They are endangered I heard. But living so close to them I never saw them close up, thanks to your picture.
    Looks like you were around and I didn't know, how bad, Next time you are around please drop in my school. I know you will come again for the vanishing heron.

  4. Hi Passu

    Thanks ... I will come knocking the next time I am around. Better still, if you see some one laden like a donkey and creeping up to a flock of birds on his belly, you can be sure it is me ... so you can come knock on my rear.