Monday, March 29, 2010

Great Barbet


  1. Beautiful Photo!

  2. This bird looks like what in my dialect is called Choolung (I am not sure though). I grew up listening to the sound of this bird, which used to sing at different hours of the day. The picture brings back nostalgic reminiscence of my younger days in my village.

    Today I live in a foreign land. There is huge diversity of bird populations here even though it's a first world developed country. However, I can never see the songbird of my boyhood. I have never seen choolung for the last many years and I miss its songs.

    Thanks for the beautiful picture.

  3. Hi Phuntsho
    Thanks for the visit and the comment. I am not sure what dialect you speak and I dont know if the bird is called Choolung. But the call(song) of the bird can be found at: