Saturday, June 5, 2010

Journey Into The Mountains Of Dhur

Recently I was in the mountains of Dhur, Bumthang in Central Bhutan on an assignment to photograph people collecting Cordyceps. The place is extremely cold and rugged and I was camped at an altitude of 16,200 ft. where the collection of the Cordyceps take place.

The place is stunning and the mountains are simply breathtaking. We were snowed in for 3 days upon arrival but the view thereafter was simply out of this world.

I am posting some photos so that you can see for yourselves how beautiful the place is.


  1. Breathtaking scenery and awesome photography, Aue Yeshey. And thanks for uploading them!

  2. Hi Lakey

    Thanks - I loved this place but it was hard - we got snowed in for 3 days but once the snow stopped, it was stunning. I want to go back sometime during mid September and see how it looks that time. I suspect there will be too much snow - but I am hoping that the skies will be lot more clearer.

  3. Ata Yesh, as always, your pictures are awesome, more so the commentary you leave.

    I agree that photography is an unending perfection and you are almost there. For some reasons, the angles of your pictures give me an unspoken smile.

  4. Hi Maam,

    Thanks for droping by and the comments.

  5. Thuggie master, i must admit that u are a spectacular photographer with an eye of the hawk. I know you love the mountains, you love the snow and above all the shadows of the cloud. Amazing pictures. Thank god, you did not come back limping and with a broken

  6. Thug, on the contrary, I have come back fully recharged and rejuvenated. Sadly for you, this means that I am now two times more formidable competition than you ever thought I was. So you had better start to lock up whatever you have to conceal from me LOL.