Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hitting The High Note

When can a man claim to have truly achieved greatness? When he is featured as a comic character!
In the following comic strip from a comic book produced and published by ICom America, yours truly is giving history lessons to couple of kids. ICom America is a world leader in the manufacture of radio and communications equipment. I am a certified ham radio operator with the unique national CallSign: A51AA (pronounced: Alpha Five One Alpha Alpha).

ICom makes world’s best radio transceivers and obviously they feature the best characters in their comic booksJ. Jokes aside, I hosted an amateur radio expedition comprising of nine American operators. One among them was the General Manager of ICom America who presented me a high end ICom transceiver. That was 10 years back.

Good old K B Wakhley has it all worked out for himself. He told me over a cup of coffee and tuna sandwich yesterday at Karma’s Coffee that he is gearing up towards keeping himself employed after his retirement. Now there is a funny one - to be employed after being retired? Weird idea, but come to think of it, the man has understood how difficult it is to do just NOTHING! When a man has worked all his life, how do you go about doing nothing? That has got to be a real tough job. I am already beginning to feel dreadful about the prospect of doing nothing. May be I need some little indoctrination from Mr. K B Wakhley J. Or, may be, I will just do my epochal trilogy on how I started the country’s first Ham Radio Centre, how I nearly broke my back trying to keep my fellow amateurs around the world happy by giving them a “contact” - known in the HAM jargon as a "QSO" - at all odd hours and, why, I finally gave up Ham radio altogether.


  1. Wow, that's unbelievable - as you said it is quite something, almost legendary to feature as a comic character. That shows the level of recognition you are getting. Keep it up. Congratulations. I would love to read the entire story.

  2. Hi Penstar

    Thanks - right... I will begin to write in about 2 decades from now - that is when I want to retire :)