Thursday, July 29, 2010

Buddha Statue at Kuensel Phodrang
The exterior of the Buddha statue at Kuensel Phodrang is in its final stages of completion. It looks impressive. However, a close scrutiny of the Buddha’s left face (in the first image from the top) shows some flaw in the workmanship. A horizontal dent is visible on the left face as well as on the ear. Is this an imperfection in the welding or casting of the parts or, even more serious, some structural problem? Will it be corrected in due course?


  1. Had you not posted here we would have never known and seen such defects because we would never get such close up shots. I assume it must be to do with workmanship and now it seems that the rectification will not be carried out because it has been gilded and scaffoldings removed. However it has an advantage of standing high and such flaws will not be visible. Let’s hope it is safe structurally.

  2. Hi Yeshey

    Thank you for your comment.

    I think the project people and the government should carry out a comprehensive inspection to determine the cause of the deformation on the Buddha’s face. The fault could be at a structural level. What if the depression is caused by stress? Even if the flaw was merely cosmetic, this project is too big and too important and too expensive for such shoddy work from the contractors.

    If you are saying that the gilding work is over, then you could be rite - the contractors obviously do not intend to correct the flaws. Even if the project people and the government is prepared to accept such substandard work from the contractors, they should still investigate to find out whether the problem is merely superficial or lot more serious. In due course, thousands of people will be visiting the site. Their safety is at risk.

  3. hats off for the wonderful work you have done....had come across several articles and photos in kuensel but did not see any such flaws mentioned in the article. I rely believe that people should know poor workmanship. i have posted the photo in my wall on facebook so that people can know about the flaws and poor workmanship of the project. i am sorry if i have violated your work in any form.

  4. Hi Ngawang,

    Not a problem - I am glad you posted it on your facebook. Poor workmanship should not be acceptable. But the bigger worry is that it could be something more serious than poor workmanship.

  5. Good observation sir. You have proven that you are a real, professional photographer.

  6. Hi Anonymous,

    Thanks - I hope people are working at inspecting the flaw.

  7. Hi Mr.Yeshey,

    You have a great blog and the photography is significant. I have been in Bhutan for 7 years. At the time of leaving I was in the 7th standard. Today Im a Media Developer in the Middle East and the old Bhutan memories are always cherished. Thanks for showing Bhutan to the world. There are very few people like you as per my knowledge getting Bhutan to the people. Like that attitude of yours. I wish you all the best. And do keep in touch. I blog on movies, - Tashi Delek!

  8. Hi Roshan

    Thanks for the visit.

    I will visit your blog sometime soon. Best luck and take care