Monday, July 5, 2010

Chic Bio-degradable Shopping Bags

Some one is trying to market these tastefully designed and durable bio-degradable shopping bags to replace the plastic ones. But no one seems to be interested. May be, small sponsorships by responsible individuals to enable free distribution of these bags is the answer.


  1. They are good looking environmental friendly bags. However, I have seen them on sale at the US grocery stores, but the registrars and bagging people continue to stuff my grocery into plastic bags. I think they need to tell people to bring their own bags, otherwise, there should be extra cost for bagging. It's a fairly common practice in East Europe (last time I visited in 2005), you must bring your own bag to the grocery store, otherwise you would have to pay extra for using their bags. I quickly learned to save my bags and take them with me to do my grocery shopping! It's the kind of human behavior that needs repeated negative reinforcement and conditioning.

  2. I agree with Kit. People should be told to carry their own shopping bags, and shops, vendors, etc. should be stopped from carrying plastic bags for packing it is we get enough plastic garbage from imported foods right from chips and noodles to rice. Although...Darn...I love plastic bags, especially the colourful ones, but am all for its ban to ensure a healthy environment for now and forever...