Friday, August 27, 2010

Arlo Raim is Silent Key

Ornithologist Arlo Raim from the US was also a radio amateur with a home CallSign: KB9LLF - went silent key on 20th August, 2010.

He was perhaps the best bird tracker in the world. You can read about it at:

In the amateur or ham radio jargon, a deceased ham radio operator is referred to as "Silent Key" - meaning that his telegraph or wireless key has gone quite. The wireless key is a device use to send out Morse codes - a series of dots and dashes over the airwaves.


  1. i love the way you catch this detail and look at things at different angles.
    i would also love to get some kind of help from you as you have mentioned in your article about photography for budding photographers in Bhutan. i also love to take photo and am seriously thinking to dedicate my self in this art of photography, but lack the skill and training. Just now i am just fiddling and trying my best. Sherub Phuntsho.

  2. Hi Sherub

    Thanks for the visit.

    Let me know how I can be of help. Perhaps you can meet me when you are in Thimphu and have a chat and see if I can be of help.

    I visited your blog and I get the feeling that you are pretty enthusiastic about photography. That is a good start.

  3. thank you sir and this is my latest picture and hope to meet you in future. i am very honored for taking out time for me.
    thank you once again. please comment if you can find some time.

  4. Hi Sherub

    Thanks ... tell me what camera and lens do you use?

  5. i use fujiflim finepix S100 fs,it has a fixed Lens with 14.3x Optical zoom lens, F2.8-F5.3
    Lens focal length 28 - 400mm
    Aperture F2.8-F11
    Digital zoom
    Approx. 2.0x
    i even have some picture in my face book which i have the link is .!/profile.php?id=100000217617137&v=photos
    i even follow you in face book.
    thanks a lot.

  6. Hello Lopen yeshey!!

    Im a Japanese. Im working here in Gedu as a teacher. Sherub is a my best friend like acho.
    We are having same passion for photography.
    I love your pictures since I saw the your bird's book.
    Now,I have got only 4 monthes left.
    So,I hope to meet you in future!!

    Tashi Delek!!

  7. Hi Sherub
    Yes, I have seen your photos in your blog - I get the feeling that you like more abstract images :)

    I looked at your shot of the Thala splashing into the water - nice shot.

    You should try that shot with your camera settings in M mode. Crank up the ISO so that you get higher shutter speed. That will enable you to get even sharper image. Ofcourse that image you have is reasonably sharp - but you can get it even sharper. Come to think of it, I might want to try to shoot the same image when I have time :)

  8. Hi Kosuke
    Thanks for the visit.

    Well I hope we can meet over tea when you are in Thimphu. But I am travelling constantly - so I am not sure.

    In the next 1-2 days, I will be going down to the South and as of the 17th to about 20th Sept.. I will be out again. There after I will be on a 2-weeks trek to Gangkharpuensum Base camp :)

  9. thank you very much and i will try that also.
    safe journey and dying to see your next upload in your blog.
    And when you get time and try the thala in the water please i beg of you let me see it once i will be very much grate full to you.