Thursday, August 26, 2010

Woodgrain Over Pretty Face
The photograph above of a little girl I shot at the Sunday Market in Paro was one of the images that I displayed at a recent photographic class that I was forced to conduct to a group of budding Bhutanese photographers.
The image was chosen to show that, at times, a photographer must allow himself or herself to be drawn away from the main subject and focus on that which surrounds it. In this photograph, you will notice that I have put more emphasize on the wooden post that she was leaning on. What caught my attention was the little specks of paint - remnants of a thicker coat that had peeled off over time - revealing the fine details of the wood’s grain structure. While ensuring that the girl was sharply in focus so that she did not suffer importance as an important element in the image, I focused more on the wooden post thereby enhancing the impact of the image.
I could have shot this photo from a different angle - and by selecting a different aperture, I could have completely altered the look and the feel of this image but I do not think that the impact would have been the same.

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