Thursday, May 19, 2011

Kelly Dorji, Bhutan's Most Famous Film Star


  1. I came to check your blog presentation and was greeted by non-other than kelly dorji. :) I had nothing against your previous blog theme. Just with some where I couldn't make out their text.It blended with their background. Then there were some which didn't do anything to their photographs. Somehow the background overshadowed their beautiful pictures and it made it look horrible.
    Just a small thought on your present blog theme. I think you should move your profile at the side. Readers like me like to see things at a glance and not search through or scroll down.

  2. Hi This is me,

    Did the change you wanted - also went one step further and changed the background too - to give that Bhutanese touch. I didn't know how it could be done - but a regular visitor commented that it would be nice to give my blog background a Bhutanese touch ... so I went about learning how to do it .. and I managed it :)

  3. Amazing change. I like the background and you can always change according to the moods. Too much work for one blog. :) Now, another suggestion if you don't mind. How about using tags? You should tag your photographs and writings in different subjects so visitor can browse according to the subjects. Like on my page I have different labels for my writing that covers the subject. Click on any labels and you'd jump right into that piece that has the tags/labels.

  4. Hi This is me,

    How do I do that? I mean tag and label my posts? I am clueless.

  5. Since you are using apple laptop, I dont know what medium you are using to publish your blog. I use Windows Live writer which have a space to write categories and it gets saved so next time when I want to use the same labels it appears automatically. However, if you are using your blog to create new post you will see just able the "publish new post" tab a space named as "labels". Just put in the names you want to use and of course it appears next time you want to use the same labels. Makes life easier that way. And here is the link to help you out incase you are lost.
    if you prefer to put labels under the topic here is another link
    hope it is helpful. :)

  6. Hi This is me,

    I am using my desktop PC to publish the articles. Let me see if I can figure out what you are saying.

  7. Hi aue Yeshey,
    i am a regular follower of your blog and always check for new photo uploads. its always awesome. I am very interested in photography and your photos in your blog has taken my interest to new heights...i would firstly like to buy a camera.
    i have two point and shoot cameras in my mind, Canon power-shot sx30is and Nikon cooplix p500. i am stuck between those two cameras. so if aue can help me choose one or recommend other cameras (but not those expensive ones like you use), i would be grateful.

    with regards,
    pema namgay,

  8. Hi Pema,

    Thanks for your comment.

    I have never heard of these two cameras before you mentioned them. The reason is that I use DSLR and thus hardly ever look at the point-and-shoot category of cameras.

    Since you asked me, I did some reading and find that IF YOU ARE INTERESTED in video shooting, then the Canon would be your choice. Although the Canon has a higher pixel count at 14MPEG, the Nikon, even at 12 MPEG is supposed to produce better image quality.

    One other feature I like in the Nikon camera is the feature known as the “Easy Panorama”. This feature makes it possible for you to shoot very wide panorama images. But this is only useful if you are into landscape photography.

    The Nikon is also cheaper.

    These cameras generate huge files sizes … so it would be good if you ordered few additional memory cards. Talking of memory card, I suggest that you do not go beyond 8GB. If you need higher storage, buy additional cards rather than buy high capacity cards such as 32GB or 64GB cards. They may have high capacity .. but if they should go corrupt, then you lose a hell of a lot of images at one go.

    Additional batteries are good idea too – for situations when you have no access to electricity to recharge your batteries. There is nothing more frustrating than faced with a great photo opportunity and you run out of battery or storage capacity.

    For a detailed understanding of the cameras, please go to:

    Best luck

  9. ounitermSo aue Yeshey, you recommend Nikon p500? whats your choice (other than those i have mentioned) for a beginner like me?
    Sorry aue for those silly questions but i don't have anyone to ask. so bear with me...

    with regards.
    Pema namgay,

  10. Hi Pema,
    If you are really serious about photography, then I would recommend a DSLR camera -- may be an entry level Canon EOS Rebel XS SLR Digital Camera with 18-55mm IS Lens Kit. The price for the set is as good as the two cameras you had in mind.

    Checke it out here:

  11. thank you soo much aue...this will definitely help choose one...
    thanks a lot.

    with regards,

  12. HI Pema,

    My pleasure.

    Should you need help in buying the camera, let me know .. I will be happy to help. You will find my email on my profile.

  13. My name is fone from India. I am interested in your writing. Some of your posting are good, I can say, best. Can you please tell me how to subscribe to your blog post online?


  14. Hi fone,

    I dont really know how .. but there is a button at the bottom of the page that says "Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)" May be there will allow you to subscribe to the posts. I am not talking of this COMMENTS page .. but the page on which the post appears.

    Thanks for the visit.