Monday, June 17, 2013

A Political Coup Without Parallel!

We can finally put to rest all the conspiracy theories. The game plan is out in the open. It is now proven beyond doubt that the Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) did not collude after the Primaries - the alliance was struck even before the elections were announced; way before the first Parliament was dissolved and, way before the DNT came into being as a legitimate political entity.

Thus, unlike what the Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) and others say, my own view is that their convergence cannot be called collusive politics - not in the sense it is understood or inferred. For me, I see it as a regrouping of the co-conspirators; the implementation of a strategy conceived months before - the brazen and audacious finale to a political coup that is without parallel!

I am aghast at the brilliance and boldness of this scheme. I doubt if something similar has ever been pulled off anywhere else in the world - with such delicacy and flair. This must be the Bhutanese uniqueness that I keep hearing about.

However, the genius of the master schemers notwithstanding, there are certain aspects to this virtuoso that, somehow, come through as something that is not in the regular order of things. After all, even if this was treated as a game, the players are still governed by the rules of the game. We need to understand:

(a)    Was the means employed to achieve the end honorable, well
        intended and transparent to other members in their respective
        parties? Were all the candidates in these two parties aware that
        their leaders had struck a deal? Was the deal, and
        the subsequent transfer of the DNT member to the PDP,
        in the best interest of the country and the people of Bhutan?

(b)    What would have been the implication on the country and its
        governance - had DPT been defeated in the Primary
        round - as a result of the DNT/PDP combine? In other
        words, what would have been the implication, had the
        two parties (DNT & PDP) whose leaders had entered into
        a pre-arrangement - were to be elected to our
        Parliament - to form both the Government as well
        as the Opposition?

(c)    What would be the implication should DPT be defeated in
         the General round and the seven leaders who defected
         from the DNT and those from the PDP go on to form
         the nucleus of our government for the next five years?

(d)    What was the reason behind creating two separate entities -
         when it has already been pre-agreed that they would
         ultimately represent only one party - either the PDP if the
         DNT lost or the DNT - if the PDP lost?  What are the
         implications of such an arrangement - on the state and
         other political parties contesting the elections? And, last but
         not least;

(e)    What is the possibility of an “Acho” factor behind one
         or some of our political parties?

NOTE: One of my inventive friends explained to me that “Acho” is the equivalent of “Sugar Daddy” in the Western concept.


  1. Aue Yeshey,
    At the rate that you are going with your conspiracy theories, one wouldn't be surprised to hear about your admission into a mental asylum. You are starting to sound very very amusing and like a man gone senile.

    1. What is so amusing, they have taken the whole country for a ride and you seem to not be bothered at all. Wake up bro, Acho promised you something or what.

    2. Yeshi Sir,

      Don't worry, they have not fooled anyone, we are going to kick their butts on 13 July. We can't have such people forming the government, especially someone as shallow as Acho TT. Just imagine having to survive his sarcastic grin for 5 more years, just thinking about it is hard enough. And all along I am sure the ECB were aware of such a conspiracy, that's why they kept this loophole in our electoral laws. The first casualty of the new DPT government must be to give the ECB Chairman and their commissioners their marching orders.

  2. Interesting !!! I am waiting for more things to unfold.....

  3. "last but not least" and not "last but not the least"...i was told that's the correct

  4. Dear Anon,
    Why don't you try and contradict what I am saying, if you believe you can offer something in defense of what has just transpired?

    As to being amusing, trust me, there is nothing amusing about seven people conspiring to take the whole nation for a ride - that too at the cost of state funding.

  5. Gosh; really intriguing. They were being far-sighted for all the wrong reasons. It's like they want the power against all odds to fulfill their own needs. By the end of it all, I hope there will be some decency; some sense of responsibility left.

  6. Whatever way one may perceive, I don't understand politics, but a good team apparently has been formed. Let's wait and watch the match (July13, 2013). Then someone will summarize and the dialogues will continue….

  7. No wonder people in Jaigaon say that the Bhutanese can teach any Indian a lesson in politics. The unholy nexus between DNT and PDP must not allowed to flourish, we have to make sure that they don't win at all costs. If you have people who can abandon their own party governing us, I think we will be in thick shit.

  8. PDP and DNT are doing a political circus. They pull such stunt. But people understand because they pay the price.

  9. To each his own, if I may. As with everything else, there is a different side to the story than our own, and it is a wise man that would at least pay heed to both. Bhutanese political parties have no different ideologies - we have not evolved that far in our experience with democracy. What we really need are smart, dedicated, and honest politicians that will take our country far through a governance delivery mechanism that is truly fair and equitable.

    There is no coup here - candidates from a party wanted to join one party, and not the other. DPT tried and asked, but the DNT candidates wanted to join PDP - for good or for bad. Whether you want to label it horse-trading, or coalition is immaterial. It was foreseen and permissible under the law - which was in parts drafted by the past government. You cannot complain when the situation turns out to be different from what you had wished for. Only one DCT candidate joined DPT. Both parties partook in replacing candidates. Again, since this was foreseen, it comes as no surprise. By the same token, DPT also replaced other candidates within their party (whether the constituents wanted it or not), to strengthen their party. It is an internal party decision that has to be respected. You and I have no business messing with it.

    You have laid out a plethora of scenarios, mostly hypothetical, of course. If indeed DNT and PDP had gone to the polls after the primary round, we would have had a much better government and opposition that would work on consensus, and allow the media, NC, and other constitutional bodies to perform their watch-dog functions unhindered without fear or favor. Less time would be wasted in unnecessary bickering, and more time spent on working on a collective vision for the country. But, that is only a hypothetical scenario.

    I am no proponent of any one party, only good candidates. There are enough of them in both parties, so let them have it out and leave the decision to the Bhutanese voters. There are allegations of foul-play on both sides, and you and I know too well that both sides are playing dirty to some extent. That is the nature of this beast called politics. It is however, preposterous, when either party claims that they are the chosen one (especially feigning patronage of our wise kings). We should really have respect for the institution of monarchy and leave its sanctity above it all.

    Your last comment smells of insinuating a regional schism. You, of all people, should know better than to use the term 'Acho' to mean anything else. Isn't it the same as Ata, or Aue, or Daju, or Chocho in various languages? Let us not even go into the realm of a monied miner who have primed everyone east of Pelela for one party (through bribes, of course), as the rumor goes. Rumors are rife, but let us work with truth and proof, and leave those to gossip-mongers and fear-mongers. I expected you would know better, Ata. Let us allow ECB and ACC to do their jobs. I don't have an answer for everything and certainly do not want to pretend I do. But, where is the coup? I do not see one.