Friday, November 25, 2011

Langdurbi Community School Girls Hostel

The photo below is that of the girls’ hostel of Langdurbi Community School in Kheng Zhemgang. The photograph was taken on 5th February, 2010. It would appear that there was no budget allocated to the school authorities to buy few dozen nails to hammer in the tin sheets that serve as hostel walls. As you can see, the tin sheets are held in place by wooden poles stuck into the cavities of the vertical wooden posts of the main structure.

Think Gorgan-Shinkhar road … and then consider this half-done chicken coop that will serve as accommodation to about 16 young girls when the school is in session.

You do get the drift, don’t you?


  1. It's appalling, disgusting, revolting!!! Talk about GNH, talk about equity and justice!!!

  2. Gosh, this is unbelievable ! This does not meet one of the basic human rights of having a roof over one's head. May the Almighty bless the girls who live there and look over them. Anon.

  3. is that really a girl's hostel? Unthinkable and beyond our wilest imagination. Where is "GNH?"

  4. Hi GAO

    It indeed was when I visited the school.

  5. I was there in 2011...and we now have a first class hostel for both the boys and girls...with extremely clean toilets....courtesy of WFP

  6. Hi Dungkar,

    Great to hear that .. I am glad. I do remember that some new constructions were under way during the time I visited the school.