Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Disclosure of the Identities of the 4 Persons with HIV/AIDS II

I have news that the BBS is going to go ahead with the Show on the 1st of December, 2011 as planned. It is sad. 

Well, I tried … but I am not the moral guardian of this country and I do not have the mandate to take on this cause solely because I believe some wrong is being committed. But as a person who feels, and as someone who believes that life is beautiful, I find that I need to make and attempt to preserve life. Each of us must have the right to live life to the end. Life cannot come to an end simply because someone has been infected by HIV/AIDS - that must not be the end of life. Life is worth living - until the last minute, until it is snubbed out of us. 

Fortunately, I won’t be anywhere close to human civilization - when the big Show takes place - so I do not have to be a witness to it. And given that we have such short memories, by the time I come back, the matter would have been forgotten.


  1. I don't think I'll have the courage to see the broadcast. Anyways, let's just look at this from the pov that all concerned are doing this with the best of intentions. Please don't let this deter your efforts to bring social issues to the fore as your concerns do have an effect on the readers one way or another. Anon.

  2. Hi Anon,

    Thanks for the comment.

    I am now at a place called Pchala-La at an altitude of 3,839 Mtrs. It is three and a half hours trek from Haa Damthang. Tomorrow I will be at a place called Gonzala - which I am told by the ponyman is over 5,000 Mtrs. No TV and no mobile coverage :)

    I did what I had to do - because my conscience says that it is unethical, illegal and may cause problems to others who has no role in this show. I am told that these 4 persons are coming on live because they need support.

    My own view is that just because four of them need support (that was the reason I was given for going ahead with the Show) - they cannot put others into jeopardy.

    Even if some of the persons connected to this Show does not read my concerns, I have written to others who are connected with the show. They have to decide if they can live with themselves, should there be a fall out from this misadventure.

    On the other hand, it may do good - but I dont see how.

  3. I just pray for the ending to be best and fulfilling applause from the viewers.

  4. You do seem to have gone beyond the realm of civilization ! Anyways, you are doing good with your blog. Good intentions will surely yield good fruits. So, do keep it up. Meanwhile, take care. Be careful of aliens ! Anon.

  5. I had the same reaction as you when I first heard about it. I thought I wouldnt be able to watch it and it pained me to think whole of the nation watching in anticipation with small satisfaction in their mind that they were not one of "the" people. Like the monkey in the circus.

    Somehow accidentally as I walked in the room the interview was in full swing and I watched it with all the misgiving in me. And believe me it was worth it. They were proud and alive. They were living and enjoying life and had advice and stories to tell. It was a celebration of life for everyone. It was not the walk through long black tunnel but infact rejoicing what was give to you- a life.