Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Test Shot

-->I am in the process of testing a new lens, which I recently acquired. Here are two photos for your evaluation.

The two photos show the enlarged details of an intricate design found in a Bhutanese lady’s Kira. I am posting this to ascertain how you see it on your computer monitor. Is it sharp enough? How is the color rendition? Need some feedback here. Different lens behave differently at different aperture settings. Both of the images were shot at F16. The upper one is with a Zeiss Macro 50mm and the lower one is by Zeiss 21mm which is a none macro lens.

So which of the two do you like better?


  1. Yeshey, while I admire your photographs, I don't know the head or the tail of photography techniques, but this sure is pretty...this traditional pattern beats any of the modern ones that have cropped up.

  2. WOW! When it comes to weaving and its patterns, I am always awestruck and overwhelmed.
    The piece is clear and picture perfect in my computer. As a Bhutanese women, love for Kira and its pattern is endless.
    I loved the colour combination of creamy pink and Green with two blue connected to each other.
    I am sorry. I am not a weaver but I really loved this Beautiful Kira.

  3. It looks sharp. But without a bench mark against another one , difficult to tell how good it is. You should probably post another one of the same side by side.

  4. 50mm looks sharper, but it's hard to say given the difference in exposure between the two..

    I cut and flipped ur images to do a side by side comparison..


    I still think the 50mm is sharper. (Zeiss lenses.. wow, nice)

  5. Hi Everybody,

    Thanks for your comments.

    Anuj, I too agree that the 50mm is better. By the way I have switched the image shot by the 21mm ... it does not look too bad compared to the 50mm. I have no choice but to use the 21mm for some situations. But I am glad it is pretty close to my preferred 50mm. I also have a 75mm Sigma which is sharp but the images from it looks rather "hard" and the colors are not so pleasing .. that is why I had to buy the 50mm which made a huge hole in my already undernourished pocket :(

  6. Good choice Aue , the 21 mm looks sharper. Congratulations on the new addition to your arsenal of equipments .. you have always been my favorite photographer and undoubtedly the best in our nation too .

    T4 ( Paro)

  7. Gosh, all you camera buffs. I got lost between the mms & F16 but whatever, to me the top picture looks sharper, I mean more bright, I mean the colours are more vibrant; must be the difference of the picture being verticle in comparison to the second one being parallel. Just giving my two Chetrum bit on which lense is better...lol

  8. Zeiss Macro 50mm takes the cake hands down. Having said that 21 mm is not too far behind.

  9. the one taken with Zeiss Macro 50mm takes the cake.having said the the 21 mm isn't too bad either.

  10. Hi Yeshey,
    To me the difference is hard to ascertain because of the greater detail in the second photo. I am drawn to that one because of the brighter colors. The size difference of the common pattern also varies between photos, which makes the comparison even more difficult. When I focus on the warp and intricate details, both are very clear. Because of my lack of expertise, I would need to see exactly the same photo to compare. There's perfection compared to perfection. When is perfect perfect enough? ;)

  11. hmmm Echo, food for thought. Perfect is never perfect for a perfectionist in his profession like Yeshey, right? :))

  12. I like the brighter one. It was great to see you taking photographs at Royal Textile Academy.