Thursday, October 24, 2013

Photographs from Lunana II

Here is one more photograph from Lunana. I hiked up for two hours from my camp site at Sinchey - in the hope of getting a better view and angle to photograph the mighty Gungchen Singye. I did not quite get the photo of the peak in the way I had hoped for ... but ended up getting a great 360 degree view of the mountain range in the area.


  1. Lovely...Just fantastic. I am wondering if the range at one time had been covered by snow and may be the global warming caught up...?

  2. Hi Anon,
    The range will still be covered in snow ... remember this photo was taken a 10-15 days back .. during winter the peaks will be fully covered ... remember this is October. By end November the passes to these areas will be covered in snow and ice and the areas will remain cut off. You can imagine the amount of snow on those ranges during winter.

    1. Thank you for your would be one fabulous view to see the place covered in white and silver...:-)