Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Photographs from Lunana

I am finally releasing some more photos for my friends and other readers to look at - perhaps I will release more in the coming weeks - not sure at this stage. I am doing so not so much because my friends are becoming increasingly impatient - but because I realize that not many are fortunate enough to visit the places that I have. The least I can do is share my good fortune with those who are not as lucky.

I want to start with Tarigung (7,100 Mtrs.) and the twin lakes at its base. For some reason, there does not seem to be any good images of this peak. I almost didn’t get the image - but I was willing to stake out a whole week - if I had to - to acquire the image. Fortunately I had to spend only two days to get this image - but to get to Tarina (4,111 Mtrs.) where this was shot from, I had to cover two days’ journey in one - because of fear that the weather might turn foul once again.

Next image is that of the same peak in the distance - shot from Gunglakarchung Pass (5,182 Mtrs). The fluttering prayer flags in the frame lends some interest to the image. In Bhutan all the high passes are adorned with prayer flags.

The third image is another good looking peak - one that looks like Jichu Drake (6,790 Mtrs.). I had to climb to this peak's base - to be able to photograph the twin Tarigung Tso. No one seems to know the name of the peak - if it has one. But getting to its base took us almost three hours --- through thick rhododendron bushes and thorny shrubs.

The following image is that of Tsojo village (4,091 Mtrs.) located in Thanza valley where an archery match was in progress - between Thanza and the neighboring village of Lhedi. The day was crystal clear .. and the scene with the mighty Gungchen Singye (7,000 Mtrs.) in the background makes this an awesome image.

A close-up of the archery players. As you can see, the Lunaps have the latest high-tech bows that money can buy. One of the participants was a candidate of one of our political parties - Druk Ngamrup Tshokpa. I did say hello! to him.

The last image is that of a young girl from Threga (3,943 Mtrs.) - one of the 11 odd villages under Lunana Gewog. She passed by our camp to see if we were traders with goods to sell. My pony driver obviously knew the girl from his earlier trips to the area. While he made lewd remarks at the girl, I busied myself taking her pictures. Romancing in rural Bhutan is quite something - earthy and carnal. We city slickers must relearn our art of romancing!

I forgot --- a freind wanted me to photograph the night sky with the stars --- here it is ... not a very good one but you do get the picture :)- It was taken at Sinchey - my last camp after Thanza. On the bottom right is my tent.


  1. Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures. I think the mountains with the snow and the lakes look very romantic like in the fairy tales. I prefer to enjoy the mountains etc from your photos than trek for 26 days.

  2. Wonderful, amazing pictures...of course we don't expect anything less from an expert ! Can't wait to see more... :-)

  3. Wow...nice pictures. Enjoyed throughly la.

  4. Thank you for cruising us across feral beauty of Bhutan through your lenses.
    I am awed! It is picturesque.