Monday, June 2, 2014

Yet Another High Note

As a Ham radio operator, I hit my high note when ICom America featured me as a comic character in their magazine. I wrote about it on June 16, 2010: 

I hit yet another high note yesterday - as a Blogger - when I saw the following signboard:

Some of you may recall that I had blogged about the emerging sophistication of the Bhutanese palate. The article can be found at the following:

It is a matter of great honor for me that I have, among a multitude of other readers, a canine meat seller who obviously follows my Blog. That became apparent when I realized that after my post, the owner of the business had re-written his signboard that had earlier been written as follows:

However, I am still intrigued: I wonder what explanations he/she offered to the Department of Trade for the change in name? Did he/she say that there was a spelling mistake? But Canine IS indeed the correct spelling! I would give a leg and an arm to know how the term "Canaine" was explained to the Department of Trade, as an acceptable business name.

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  1. Be careful what u wish for, or yr arm & leg may also appear on the 3rd version of the signboard..