Monday, January 19, 2015

Unexpected Star of the Vibrant Gujarat Show

From all accounts, our Prime Minister had a successful trip to India. One paper calls him “unexpected star of the Vibrant Gujarat show”. A friend in Bengaluru, India sent me the following news clipping. I am told that Indian media is full of praise for our Prime Minister.

But the best praise for him came from a Bhutanese. She said; “I am not impressed so much by the fact that the PM impressed everybody in Gujarat. I am more impressed by the fact that he is turning out to be even better Prime Minister than the consummate Opposition Leader that he was”.

Frankly it is good for the country that our Prime Minister made a big impression on the people of India. I have only one regret: like PM Modi, our Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay should have addressed the Gujarat gathering in shudh Dzongkha :)-

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  1. The Bhutanese does not seem very impressed by the PM in Gujarat.