Friday, January 2, 2015

Yes Minister!

I was recently forwarded a copy of the RCSC’s Press Release on the issue pertaining to the curious case of the surrender of 3 Government Secretaries.

After reading through the exaggerated and inconsequential verbosity wherein they went on to quote seven legal provisions, I realized that the RCSC completely missed the point of the surrender of the three Secretaries.

The Cabinet obviously realizes that they cannot act against the Secretaries - however grievous their crimes - because of various provisions in the Constitution, the Civil Service Act and the BCSR. That is precisely why the Government surrendered the Secretaries to the RCSC - for action. In doing so, the Government has duly recognized the RCSC’s ascendancy over matters dealing with any action against senior bureaucrats. Thus the RCSC’s strenuous sermon was totally uncalled for and a waste of newsprint.

In fulfillment of what they claim is within their domain, the RCSC should investigate the matter, seek proof from the Cabinet which they have done, and arrive at a decision. And take action! as they deem fit. It is at this point that they should provide all the justifications and quote all the rules and regulations - to back those justifications.

An atmosphere akin to that of the famous British TV Serial “Yes Minister” is developing between our bureaucracy and the government. I am not sure if events are being engineered to cause a rift between the government and the bureaucracy. As ludicrous as it may seem, there is nothing funny about it.

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