Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Funny Signage

What do you understand by the following signboard put up at the entrance of Lamperi Cafe?

For those of you who are photographers, tell me - what is the flaw in this photo, taken with my iPhone. I wont make this mistake if I was using a proper camera ... but shooting with a mobile phone is rather cumbersome.


  1. My understanding of the signboard are as follow:
    Of the many Cafe Garuda's in the country, the one at Lampelri offers standard food and beverages. May be other Cafe Garudas in other parts of the country offer sub-standard and high standard foods and beverages.Then "Your experience at the Royal Botanical Park is out of complete without experiencing our services" is a Mr/Mrs. Bombastic's English that I can't understand.

  2. Too ambiguous and verbose to be understood typical Bhutanese