Monday, July 9, 2018

I Am Clueless!

I am constantly trying to understand what draws readers to my Blog --- if there is a pattern to their logic --- what holds their interest.

I am clueless!

Look at the following for instance – this morning I woke up to find that readers are reading my old – very old articles:

24th November, 2011       A Matter of Perception
13th November, 2012       Fishless in Punakha
2nd May, 2013                  Kabney & Patang
29th September, 2015       My Final Post On Keeping Chamkhar Chhu Undammed and Free-flowing
11th March, 2018              The Baby Steps - A Potential Global Revolution

Why do they go so far back to read my old articles that are buried in hundreds of pages of newer articles?

I am clueless!

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