Monday, July 9, 2018

Tengney Police Namgay II

Recently I was at the Rinchen Kuenphen Primary School, Thimphu - to inspect the broken down girls’ toilet that the Rotary Club of Thimphu is repairing to bring it back to use. There I met the lady Vice Principal Madam Chador who informed me that the dreaded Tengney Police Namgay has recently been promoted to the rank of a commissioned officer by His Majesty the King.

It was so heartening to hear the news. I wanted to congratulate him – but I did not know how – I didn't want to attend the celebrations (it was in progress as I was speaking to the VP) because I hate ceremonies.

I am glad he got the much deserved promotion – if any one has earned it -  Tengney Police Namgay has certainly earned it.

I Blogged on him a couple of years back. You can read the article at:

Congratulations Officer Namgay!

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