Friday, August 17, 2018

Donation of Blood Pressure Monitors

Healthcare givers point out that blood pressure is a cardinal vital sign that guides both acute and long-term clinical decision-making.  Thus, it is important and essential that blood pressure measurement is taken regularly and accurately.

Recently in the process of handing over 25 toilets in Ketokha village in Bongo Geog, Chhukha, we received a request from the Health Assistant of Bongo Basic Health Unit - for the donation of  few Blood Pressure Monitors.

Healthcare is one of the three core areas of our focus. Thus our Club decided that we would donate 8 units of these vital healthcare equipment. Our PR Director will hand over the monitors during his trip to Bongo - to hand over 3 Green Houses, 3 Water Sprinkler Systems, 3 Mowers and a Mitsubishi Farm Tractor to Bongo Agriculture Group, including a Bolero Delivery Van to a Youth Agriculture Group in Tsimasham, Chhukha.

OMRON Blood Pressure Monitors - among the best in the world

Next month, the Rotary Club of Thimphu will delivery US$54,000.00 worth of emergency hospital equipment to the JDWNRH, in collaboration with a number of Rotary Clubs in South Korea. Last year we donated 6 units of Dialysis machines worth Nu. 6.80 million.

Agriculture is another of our 3 core areas of focus. With a total funding of US$79,000.00 from Handa Rotary Club, Japan and partial funding from the Rotary Foundation, on 20th August, 2018 we will be handing over 20 KMs of solar fencing, along with a large Farm Tractor and accessories to a Youth Agriculture Group, in Zhemgang.

Education is another area of our focus. We are currently in the middle of implementing a Safe Water Supply Project that will deliver safe water to every Central School in Bhutan, by the end of 2020. The funding for this project - $ one million - has been assured by Disaster Aid Australia, Melbourne. Ten units of the SkyHydrant water filtration systems have already arrived Bhutan - a list is currently being drawn up for another 10 units that will arrive in the next few months. The target is to install 120 of these patented filter systems in all of Bhutan's Central Schools.

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