Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Honk! And They Do Listen!

I am nearly impressed!!

What if they are incapable of doing their jobs willingly and without having to be told? What if they fail – both in their duties as well as in their responsibilities? But you do have to give them credit – if you honk they do listen. Thank God for small mercies.

On 6th June, 2018 I had blogged on the stinking stench of raw sewage that was flowing into the public drainage system – from the Ministry of Works and Human Settlement building. Read the full article at the following:

This morning I was passing by the building and took a look at the drains in front of the MoWHS. Pure magic! The drain has been cleaned of all sewage and there is no longer the hellish foul stench. It is squeaky clean - raw sewage is no longer flowing into the public drains.

The squeaky clean drains in front of the Ministry of Works and Human Settlement building

Well it took more than a month and a half --- but they did do their job, finally.

But I am not going to offer congratulations to the MoWHS – because one does not deserve congratulations for doing one’s job.

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