Saturday, October 27, 2018

Democracy Out Of A Carton Box?

A friend in the US sent me a link to a reputable website on which the following photo of one of our voting compartments of the recently concluded 2018 General election is depicted. The caption underneath the photo reads as follows:

A woman votes in a polling station in Bhutan's capital Thimphu for the parliamentary elections in October 2018, when the small Himalayan kingdom held its third election since the elimination of absolute monarchy.

I looked at the image with a sinking feeling. I was horrified! Can’t we do a better job of building a more respectable looking voting compartment? If this is the state of affairs in the capital city, what must be happening in the rural areas? Why are we wasting time fooling around with democracy, if this is the level of our seriousness about it?

Democracy out of a taped up carton box?

Surely we are better than this? When are we going to put our minds to what we are doing? This is truly pathetic.

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