Wednesday, October 31, 2018

So What Ticks You?

Every morning I log on to my Blog and scan through the statistics - to see which articles are being read and from where and how many times. It never ceases to amaze me - the readers’ choice of articles and the locations from where they log in. The readership is so varied and they log in from some most unexpected places.

I would have thought that my latest article would get the most attention - not entirely correct. I notice that readers are equally interested in my older articles - articles that were posted many years back.

Sometimes the readers find their way to my Blog through the most bizarre route. Take, for instance, how the following reader from South Africa ended up on my Blog:

SD January 15, 2014 at 1:46 PM
Hi Yeshey. I enjoyed your article. I met Mr Franceschinis in Durban, South Africa in the nineties. He gave me an autographed booklet with some of his photos in. They are exquisite. I found the booklet today and googled his name thus coming across your article. The booklet is called "Guida alla mostra fotografica viaggio attraverso L'Himalaya." I couldn't find much other info out on him. Regards

The above comment was posted on my following article:

As you can see the article was posted on October 9, 2012. The reader happened by the article - 15 months after it was posted.

Of the 559 articles posted on this Blog since 5th November, 2009, one article that is consistently read even after more than five years of its posting is my following article:

The above article deals with Kapney and Patang – I am clueless as to why this article generates so much interest among the readers. Every once in a while this article shows up as one being read by the readers.

Equally popular article (7,137 pageviews) is my following article:

At 11,398 pageviews, my all time second most visited article happens to be:

At 6,948 pageviews so far, my following article ranks as the 5th most read article:

My two articles on the disgusting behavior of the Indian film actor Aamir Khan generated a staggering 42,339 pageviews. Sometimes I wonder if people are interested in meaningful posts?

My Blog stats show that the following articles have been read today:

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