Saturday, February 1, 2020

Misconception About Vehicle Quota

I just read today’s Kuensel article on vehicle quota. It is so sad ….. clearly some of our lawmakers seem absolutely clueless about the reason behind the award of vehicle quota. Some have even gone to the extent of saying that the quota is given to public employees for long years of dedicated service to the Tsawa Sum. I do not intend to contest this claim - after all we all know the truth.

My endeavor with this post is to inform the misinformed lawmakers.

The Honorable MP’s and NC’s should know that the vehicle quota is NOT given for long and dedicated service. It is given for attaining a certain position - irrespective of whether one has put in long years of service, or whether one has been dedicated or hard working, or merely shamming all one’s life. Integrity, service and dedication are not prerequisite, to be entitled to vehicle quota. I know of public employees who did not know how to execute a print command on the computer keyboard - and yet he got his vehicle quota.

Frankly, let us forget this line of argument - lets get down to brass tacks.

The elected MP’s and NC’s do not need to put in a day’s work in the service of the Tsa Wa Sum, and yet they are entitled to vehicle quota. So then, tell me, is vehicle quota really given to people with long and dedicated service to the Tsa Wa Sum?

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