Saturday, July 4, 2020

Again, and Again, and Yet Again: For Our Men In Blue

Five officials of the Rotary Club of Thimphu – the Club President, Club Secretary, Past President, Past Secretary and Foundation Chair of the Rotary Club of Thimphu returned yesterday from Agro-Based Open Air Prison For Female Inmates – bearing three packets each containing potatoes, beans and peas – all organically grown by the female inmates lodged at the prison facility in Dawakha. The Club officials were there at the invitation of the RBP, to attend the inauguration ceremony of a brand new child friendly center for the prison facility - funded by Save the Children International at a cost of Nu.4.6 million. During the same time the RBP officials headed by the Chief of Police flagged off a 14 KMs long water supply project for the facility, funded by the UNICEF. The Rotary Club of Thimphu will be part funding the water supply project - by providing 3 large water storage facilities.

 Club President with other dignitaries at the initiation of the water supply project

The Water Supply Initiation Plaque

The Chief of Police also took the opportunity to request the Club for 10 additional motorized sewing machines – to train new female inmates due to arrive soon at the Center. The Club President was happy to accept the request – seeing that it would further augment our earlier donation of 10 units that had helped provide training to 26 women in the skills of sewing. The inmates will use these new 10 sewing machines; including the earlier 10 units we donated, to produce Face Masks. In doing this project, we not only help the inmates to make some money but in the process help save some lives through production of Face Masks to provide protection against COVID-19.

This is yet another endeavor of the Club – in our fight against COVID-19. Our other COVID-19 project that is yet to see the light of day, is a project that will fund the provision of incineration machines worth US$59,000.00 to the Ministry of Health, to incinerate COVID-19 wastes emerging out of Quarantine Centers, Isolation Centers and hospitals where COVID-19 cases are treated.

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