Monday, November 9, 2009

Bhutanese Lady Olympic Archer


  1. Great backdrop of the Dzong, and a great action shot...

    I came across your blog and am very impressed by the very very high quality photographs of Bhutan. It's a pleasure to look through your lens at our lovely landscapes and people.

    I'll make sure I follow it, and that'll keep me in touch with Bhutan while I'm halfway across the world.

    Oh, and yes, I think one more thing to emerge from your photographs is how you can act as encouragement to fellow Bhutanese to take up photography as well.. It's becoming more accessible and you are a pioneer in the field in Bhutan and will serve as inspiration to the aspiring shutterbugs..


  2. Hi Anuj,

    Thanks for your comments.

    This shot is of Ms Tshering who kicked up quite a bit of a storm at one Olympic event when she beat a top seed. She became a minor celebrity of sorts; so much so that I remember a German TV or media organization made a documentary on her. I first met her in Ura, Bumthang along with the German film crew.

    Ms Tshering featured on the cover of the Department of Tourism's first annual magazine (the magazine is now on its 5th issue) titled "Bhutan - Land of the Thunder Dragon". The shot that went onto the cover of the glossy is not the one depicted here - but a vertical one of her with the same backdrop.