Monday, November 9, 2009

Young Weaver From Trashigang


  1. I too walk around with a ordinary 8.1 magapix digital camera, and i do shoot a lot, as and when I see, but since the day i started liking your work I feel like it takes so much more than my type of a person to make a photographer.
    I got inspiration from you as much as demotivation, I want your advice.

  2. Dear Passu,

    There is a fundamental difference between us: you are a teacher and teaching is your first duty. I am sure you do it well. I am a photographer and my passion is photography.

    By necessity, my commitment level to photography is way beyond yours but not greater than yours would be - to teaching.

    I get beautiful photos of Mount Jumolhari because I wake up at 3AM in the morning to drive all the way to Chele-La so that I am there by 5AM in order that I can shot it when the first rays of the sun strikes its pinnacle.

    I manage to single out beautiful images such as that of your sister-in-law because behind the lens is a mind and a heart that is in love with all things natural and all things Bhutanese. You may be surprised to learn that I never carry my camera when I travel out of Bhutan - except on those two occasions when I covered the Wimbledon 2009 and Shanghai Masters 2008 which were both commercial assignments.

    I don’t know what advise I can give you - other than that you have to do things with feeling. I think you create beauty because you sense it. I think it is a little bit greater and higher than your technical skill or more than the capability of the professional gear in your hands.

  3. @Yeshey:

    your photos are awesome and I never saw such great pics before. Neither of Bhutan nor of another place in the world. Now as I read your comment I really think that your are right. The miracle is your passion and love for your country. What make your photos so beautiful are your emotions and love. One can feel the warmth by watching them. Thanks a lot for posting!

    Bhutan is an amazing country and you can really be proud of it. I hope that one day I can visit it again.