Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Beautiful Traditional Bhutanese Face


  1. Before you put the copyright tag there i had copied the picture, because she is my sister in-law, printed it and gifted her. She is very happy with you.
    I told her about you.
    I remember asking permission.
    Thanks anyway. Now you have become smarter...putting copyright tags. I was going to suggest you the same long time ago.
    And I also want to suggest you to keep only a few picture per page so that when we look at your latest posts we need not wait for whole of your work to load.

  2. Hi Passu

    Not a problem - I am happy that your sis-in-law liked the photo. I hope I can see her next Tsechu so I can shoot her some more - this time I got just one shot of her. I would like to see if she show up as well as she does from her left profile.

    If you notice, my earlier photos were lot smaller than what they are now. I am also aware that they have been freely downloaded by people - there is simply no way any one can police people's ethics and morality. So I have to live with it.

    Some friends have now asked me to post larger images so that they can enjoy greater detail and clarity. I have decided to humor them :) But that meant that I have to go through one additional process - that of embedding copyright mark.

    I am still new to the how the blogger works - so I will have to get a friend to design the page as you suggested - to load only the new posts. Until then, you will have to be a little patient :)