Thursday, March 18, 2010

Common Hoopoe


  1. i remember we used to see them in Thimphu as a kid but i haven't for a long time now

  2. Hi Sonam

    You can still see them in Thimphu and other places in Bhutan. It is supposed to be extinct in the UK.

  3. Yet another wonderful photo.
    I never realised that common hoppoe looks gorgeous.

  4. I'll agree with Sonam that the numbers of Hoopoe in Thimphu have dwindled considerably.
    You should click a picture when it just about lands from its flight. I am sure you have noticed how its tuft spreads like a punk's while doing that.
    Nice pic as usual :)

  5. Hi Tongyal

    I do have a shot with its crown unfurled. Some one said that when they do that, they look like Roman soldiers. I havent had the time to look for that image - I will post it when I locate it.