Friday, December 16, 2011

Full Moon Over Mt. Kanchenjunga

I just returned from a long and arduous trek to the Alpine regions of Haa. I was photographing the high peaks and the lakes in that area. The landscape is simply stunning.

My pony man assures me that I am provably the first one to have undertaken such a long trek in the thick of winter. In his 15 years as a pony man, he does not know of any other person – either Bhutanese or chilip - who took the route that I took: entering from Damthang, trudging up the dreaded Gonzola Pass and plunging down to the desolate Sinchulumpa and traversing across to the famous Nob Tsonapata  and terminating at Takchu Goenpa above the Haa valley.

Of the many beautiful sceneries along the trek route, the photo below was an unexpected surprise. The full moon is seen setting over Mt. Kanchenjunga whose snow-capped summit is seen emerging out of the morning cloud. I didn’t expect to see the famous mountain from Bhutan. Talking of which, you may remember that the night of the full moon was a lunar eclipse. Sadly, I couldnt get an image of it since the sky was over-cast.

Over the days, as I get time, I will post more images. I am particularly proud of the image of lake Chundu Lha-Tso that I acquired while camped at Bori Goma. The pony man assures me that I am provably the first one ever to photograph the lake which is considered the heart of the protecting deity of the Haaps - Aap Chundu.


  1. Dear Yeshey,

    It's a major pleasure to travel through your eyes, specially 'cause of the keen sentiment transmited about your land.


  2. Looking forward to your photos Sir.

  3. Can also see Mt Kanchenjunga from a spot off the Phuentsholing-Thimphu highway - on a clear day !

  4. Stunning to say the least ! I didn't know the moon could look so far away. It always seems quite close. Kanchenjung looks like it's going to rise and touch the moon. Anon.

  5. Hi all,

    Thanks for the comments. I will post some more as I feel more rested.

  6. Hi Carlos,

    I am glad that you like my posts. So are you still in the government or have you moved on?

  7. kReally nice to go through your pictures. It clearly reminds me of my journey through that same trail. I will go again.