Sunday, December 18, 2011

Camp Fire At Nob Tshonapatta

A camp-fire in full blaze under the gaze of the moon.


  1. And what are those strung to roast over it? (^_^)

    Welcome back!

    Really glad and also envy you, Aue Yeshey, to be able to live your passion in its true spirit.

    Just returned from a symposium in Thailand, and unbeknownst to my wify dear, I splurged a good part of my allowance on a modest strobist kit! :) I really want to try flash and portrait photography in earnest!

  2. Hi Lakey

    I just got back too ...

    Those are chulaphu :)

    So you are keen on studio work? May be that is a good idea ... you could specialize in indoor photography.